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Who is Decadance Dance and for what purpose? There is no room for such silly questions! We are here for the music.

DECADANCE DANCE is originally rooted in Punk Rock and inspired by bands like the Ramones. In the 90s the band got heavily influenced by the new upcoming Rock Music from the American West Coast with bands like Guns N’ Roses, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. DECADANCE DANCE digested the new sound and lifestyle and formed their own new sound, maybe best classified as Alternative Rock. 

The band quickly got acknowledged for their special decadent sound and as a real asskicking live act. Their success has been attributed to the special songwriting and live performances, which fuses „the riff-heavy” guitar Rock of the ’70s with the grit and anger of 90s post-punk, without ever neglecting unique voice hooks and choruses.

After intense touring and winning several local “battle of bands” contests DECADANCE DANCE went into the studio in 1996 to record their first promo CD. The CD was never officially published but got widely spread in the supporters’ community and known as a real classic reflection of those times. After the recording drummer Herbie and Felix left the band to pursue  own interests and projects. 1997, Jensen (Git) and Bosen (drums) joined the band and influenced the sound and its complexity without changing the core of the
DECADANCE DANCE sound: dynamic rock and song writing, energized live performances and the relentless pursuit of new and decadent ideas.

In 1998 they recorded their second promo CD with 4 new songs to reflect those changes. Followed by several gigs the band was confronted with growing interests from fans, press and booking agencies. But they decided to put the DECADANCE DANCE activities on hold. For years they only came together for a few prestigious gigs with changing line-ups.

In summer of 2016 the band decided to re-unite with all former members. Shortly after restarting activities Jens surprisingly passed away, which on the one side created a big hole in the heart of the band but on the other side also motivated to head for the next level. DECADANCE DANCE rehearsed, started working on new songs and fresh, rearranged versions of their classic songs. In 2018 DECADANCE DANCE went into the studio to record the new material. Based on live session recordings they produced their first officially published studio album.

“We All Get Lost …. Sometimes” is a kind of audiophile concept album with a pure demonstration of everybody’s individual creativity and contribution, without jeopardizing the main objective: a great Rock Song. The new album was released in march 2019 and is available as double LP in a 180g edition in gatefold, as CD in a limited edition digipack and also digital.

Band members
Bordo Bortlisz – Vox
Frank van der Sant – guitars
Nogger Nogowski – bass
Felix Meyer-Dietrich – guitars
Jörn Kirchmeyer – drums
Bosen Bosseler – drums, perc
Jensen Moeller – guitars, backing vox (+)


A complete list of festivals and concerts to be held soon.
Date Venue Location
2019-04-27 Decadance Dance live @Emergenza - Club Volta, Schanzenstr. 6- 20 51063 Köln, Deutschland


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